Tuesday, 8 August 2017

You know what it is: a poetry post

Things are not going to plan for me today. I've had a hectic morning (I even forgot to eat breakfast!!!), a very poorly girl (Miss 9, it doesn't seem to be anything serious, but if you'd like to nag her to drink something for me that'd be great) and I do not have the oasis of peace and quiet I'd been desperately looking forward to. Well, that's cheeky, Miss 9 is pretty chilled on her poorly sofa, but I'm trapped here! Anyhow, I've been working through some prompts provided by the lovely promptress Jena Schwartz on Instagram. Here's a poem which she inspired, and I'm pretty sure everyone has an 'it' that it's about.

You know what it is

You know that it's here.
Turn your head, quickly, catch a glimpse,
and there! You've found it.
Your heart is filled full-wide,
your throat closes and
your ribs tighten. There. There.
Now are you ready
to let it hide away?

Ⓒ Cara L McKee 8/8/17